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Techtafime Tennis LLC

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Improve Your Game Today

Have you ever asked yourself why Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal have their own coaches? Because in Tennis it is hard to see what you are doing wrong. Training and coaching are not just for beginners. When it comes to sports, even the best of the best could use a hand every now and then. At TechTafime Tennis, LLC in Doral, Florida, we offer exceptional customer service and a world-class tennis training system developed especially to accelerate and improve your game.


Effective Coaching or Your Money Back

Our individual and group training classes will develop essential techniques for recreational and competitive player. Whether you’re a high school student who wants to head to the pros, or you just want to learn the sport, we have customized training and tournaments for any age. The quality of our services is so high, we have a 100% money-back guarantee.


Not Your Average Tennis Company

We do a lot more than just teach technique—we are life coaches. Will help you develop the mental acuity and lifestyle choices that necessarily accompany a great game. We are teachers before we are coaches, and we do more than teach—we inspire. Weather you are looking to have fun or  take your game to the next level, play in the HS team, pursue a scholarship and become a world class player we have something for everyone.

Our Mission                                                                        

  • To provide world-class tennis instruction and outstanding customer service
  • To inspire our students to do better than they think they can on their own
  • To develop the skills and talents of our students and to empower them with a lifetime sport that will be taking a very important role in their life

Our Founder & CEO

Roberto Weissmann is a Master Tennis Coach, an International Tennis Federation Coach and a USPTA professional. An American citizen, our founder was born in Asuncion, Paraguay where he was ranked as high as sixth among the best in the country. He mentored 1998 World Number One Jr. Rossana De Los Ríos, Davis Cup player Francisco Rodriguez and Fed Cup player Maria Alejandra Garcia. He was also a tennis journalist and a TV tennis commentator.

Roberto is a real scholar of the game. As CEO and founder of TechTafime Tennis LLC, he developed the successful and proven Techtafime's Training System designed for amateurs and professionals by blending more than 30 years of personal research, knowledge, and national and international experiences as player and coach.

Our Training Principles

  • Our teaching is always organized, never improvised
  • Our written curriculum includes about 150 shots, stresses no weaknesses.
  • Offensive, defensive, and all-around tennis playing style. Shot selection, percentage play, sound fundamentals, technique, repetition and foot work are part of the intense daily curriculum.
  • We strive to achieve peak physical performance and fitness.  We incorporate stretching for flexibility as well as specific drills for agility, quickness, and endurance.
  • Physically getting the body strong to prevent injuries is our major goal for our players.
  • Every student goes through video analysis, pictures, and a written performance evaluation report on a regular basis.

Our Name

Our company name was inspired by the four major components of our training system; (Tech), tactics (Ta), fitness (Fi), and mental training (Me). There you have the name of our company: "TechTafime"

Mental Training

  • Concentration and Mental Toughness
  • Fear Control & Mistake Management
  • Tennis ultimate goal: winning points
  • How to mentally approach them
  • When to risk it. When to play safe
  • Self-Coaching
  • Self-Control
  • Self-Discipline
  • Self-Image
  • Self-Awareness

Tactical Training

  • Learning to Compete. Tournament Play
  • Match Play Rehearsals and Point Management
  • Defensive and Offensive Tennis. Match Play Strategy
  • Analyzing an Opponent's Game

Tennis Diet

We advocate healthy living and a specific diet for tennis on and off the court for optimal performance and recovery. 

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Teaching Equipment...
Techtafime uses the best teaching equipment, maximum amount of balls, and the best teaching aids that are aimed to facilitate learning, maximize time, and accelerate the assimilation process.

Roberto Weissmann Techtafime's Master Tennis Coach, CEO & Founder


Roberto bring his passion for tennis to every lesson and clinic. Rather than simply going through the same routines he comes prepared with a structural lesson plan and takes the time to share his expertise with his Students.

Bo Baxter/Atlanta Ga.

When Roberto arrived to Paraguay from the States many years ago he popularized tennis like no one else. As a coach he introduced a cutting-edge method of teaching combining the use of ball machines, picture and video-analysis, in-class seminars, fitness and mental training. As a Tennis Journalist, columnist and as TV broadcaster he was the "voice" of tennis.

We all learned so much from him.

Gustavo Kohn, TV/Radio Personality, Paraguay

Roberto evaluated all my strokes, break down each one and explained in details what would make them better. He used video to analyze my game so we could review together what I was doing well and what needed improvement. He also would draw diagrams to illustrate how to position and move on the court, where I should be hitting and all the things that made me a more competitive player.

Martina Baletkova, Czeck Republic

Roberto is not an average tennis coach, he's a real teacher of the game

and a life coach

Maria Martinez, Miami, FL.

Roberto approach classes with professionalism, advance planning and detailed hand outs. He knows and loves the game like nobody else. His passion for all aspects of tennis, his instructional skills, his high professional standards and positive personality are remarkable.

Van Huff, Atlanta, Ga.

Roberto shows a high level of expertise. He's energetic and dedicated with deep knowledge of the latest technology and teaching methods. Flexible, creator and adaptive to any age or level.

Jessica Nix, Atlanta, Ga.

Amazing teaching. Amazing results. I learned more in one hour with Roberto than what I did with another pro in a year.

Anne Rollet, England
Coach Roberto is very analytical. He breaks down technique and explain in details what would make the shots better.
Marion Schaeffer, New York