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SEASON 2023-2024



Schedules are subject to changes

NEW STUDENTS?! Please contact us by clicking the button below to leave all your contact information: full name, DOB, phone number, email, address, tennis level, availability, any health issues, any medication. You will be put in a waiting list and we will contact you if we have a availability. Thanks!


NOTE: It is very important for us to have your full information to put you on our waiting list and proceed to contact you. 

Junior Clinics Schedule

(After School Program)


Adult Clinics Schedule (AM & PM)


Success in life is about choices...

Choosing a good tennis coach can change your life forever.

"Open Letter" from Techtafime Tennis Academy To Our Students

We would like to make sure you know that we'll always strive to do our best for your child. Our job is our passion. We specialize in kids. We are serious about kids. It's a privilege, an honor, a meaningful duty and a blessed trust to work with our students. We are not only tennis coaches, we are life coaches.

Our teaching methodology uses professional teaching technique and not a recreational tennis technique. All our Juniors go through "fun" yet intensive mental, technical, physical and professional training. They learn to concentrate no matter their age or level. They learn specialized Tennis foot work for speed, power, mobility and proper balance. They learn to compete.

Our ultimate goal is to develop a decent and respectful person and a relentless, determined, hard working and committed world class athlete. Our curriculum is designed to give them every tennis shot in the book so they can play every ball as well as they can and with absolutely no errors. Our philosophy is to help them combining touch, finesse and power. Competing fearless and producing aggressive tennis, taking the ball early, big serving and big returning playing deliberately. Our focus is not only winning, it's striving for greatness, playing your best at all times no matter what. We do coach our students that we don't have control over the score in a match, but we do have full control on how much effort we put in not giving up, in keep fighting to the very last point.

Techtafime Tennis Academy "Professional Training System"

Best Tennis Coaching. Best Place To Learn Tennis

Roberto Weissmann - Certified Professional Tennis Coach - Techtafime Tennis CEO

Maria Weissmann - Tennis Director - CEO - I.T. Manager - Certified Tennis Coach

Te​chtafime Tennis Academy...

Techtafime Tennis Academy creates an environment that enhances family bonding and life celebration through tennis. We make every possible effort to promote fun, friendship and camaraderie together by encouraging and facilitating opportunities for the Doral Residents to learn new skills, compete and socialize in unison.

Life is beautiful at Doral. This video is dedicated to our loving Techtafime Tennis Academy Family.


PLEASE NOTE: Techtafime Tennis is proud to provide discounts for all active and veteran military personnel. Proper military ID is required as proof prior to registering. Specialized classes for seniors citizens ages 65+ and individuals with special needs are also provided. For discounted rates, please contact us by email or phone. We will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for choosing Techtafime Tennis at Doral Legacy Park!

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